[Mojolicious] Render to "json:api" specification, not the usual json for REST
Nacho B
2018-08-14 14:37:13 UTC

I've been asked to build a backend using *"json:api" specification* (
http://jsonapi.org/). It will be accessed from an front end built with

I thought it should be easy, but Its not the usual REST with JSON you cant
get with
return $self->pg->db->select('pressure_t')->hashes->to_array

The response should be like this.

"data": [
"id": "6d2d4245-41dc-4903-85a6-2c63b51ba15f",
"type": "pressure",
"attributes": {
"notes": "some notes from user",
"place": "home",
"time": "2018-07-26 18:40:00+02",
"id": "ccaf333e-682e-45de-98ef-5dd8e8ee7740",
"type": "pressure".
"attributes": {
"notes": "some notes from user",
"place": "home",
"time": "2018-07-26 17:34:00+02",

Here it is is my quick and dirty solution, just to keep things rolling:

In Model::Pressures

sub all {
my $self = shift;
return $self->pg->db->select('pressure_t')->hashes

In Controller::Pressures

sub index_json {
my $self = shift;

my @response;
my $results = $self->pressures->all;

foreach my $row (@$results) {
push @response, {
'id' => $row->{pressure_id},
'type' => 'pressure',
'attributes' => $row

json => {
data => [

"json:api" can be more complex, with more properties in the first level,
but my current query is pretty simple:
- "Id", in the first level
- "type", also in the first level, but the value is fixed
- "attributes", with the rest of the retrieved columns

Maybe a map can be more elegant than creating an additional array to copy
everything. But in any case It seems to me that there are too many
transformations and wrappers of the same information, from the db to the
front end solution.

Any suggestion to make things easier and faster? it seems that "json:api"
is been used more and more.

Thank you in advance.

Nacho B.
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